There is ONLY ONE button for the entire game and your goal is to match as many pairs of socks you can find! After each game, your score will tell you an interesting fact about socks so keep an eye out!

Insprired by my love of arranging my many odd socks and my child hood game of snap! Enjoy!

Official GMTK Results (out of 2610 Submissions):

Overall Ranking #612

Design #526

Originality #721

Adherence to the Theme #758


SockSnapProject.exe 635 kB


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The art style is really good. I wish the game wasn't so based around luck, sometimes it can take ages for the right sock to appear.

Thank you for the comment! Next time I'll make your current sock more likely to show up so then it's more faced pased, thanks for letting me know! :)


I ended up staying for the sock facts lol

Like the art. It feels warm.

Thank you! I was super inspired but a gif I found on Twitter and it was all hand drawn and artsy-like. If you post a tweet and attach a gif, search for the word "socks" and you should find it! If I knew the artist I would like their artwork as my inspiration :)