With the power of the sun behind you, the  Egyptian God Ra, has to come up against your greatest opponent yet, Apep, the Great Serpent! Do you have what it takes to win this battle? 3D FPS about the battle between Ra and Apep!

Themed off of a 1st year project from university which was a top down shooter, originally made in Animate.


Movement: Left and right arrow keys

Shoot: Spacebar

Once all enemies are down, shoot the sun to move onto the next wave.


Battle of the Sun 2 Windows.zip 25 MB


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Quick neat and fun,
the best strategy i could come up with (in the later levels) was just holding the arrow key and spamming the spacebar.

Maybe adding some sort of reload mechanic to prevent that, could improve it?

Thank you for the feedback! The original game concept had a reload cool down so I'll definitely add that back in at a later date.