Help Frank to survive as long as you can! Be careful as the game may surprise you and Frank's adventure may become more challenging!


Version 1.2 Update:

Timer starts when player passes the start line. Hint is shown when platforms go transparent to "Find the platforms", slime generates a little faster when platforms start losing alpha and aspect ration fits to 16:9 display as previous build cut off UI.

Version 1.3 Update:

INFINITE SLIME! Player no longer turns transparent throughout the game and platforms now only change to green, rather then changing back to transparent.  Credits page was added (if you play test my game, I can happily pop you in the credits). Platforms don't go completely transparent higher up in the game.

Version 1.4 Update:

Addition of evil tar minions! Visual cursor to assist in seeing where the mouse is and jumping side to side is a lot less sudden, the acceleration is no longer through the roof! Text is easier to read and higher quality (apparent from credits, which will be in next update).

Version 1.5 Update:

Less of a slip n' slide! Frank is far easier to control now that I've changed the movement to Transform.Translate, rather than AddForce. Can now shoot through green platforms to target the tar slimes easier. Additionally, less likely to come across jump-platform bug.


Version 1.6 Update:

JUICE! Gameplay is far more exciting now with particle effects everywhere, audio now in balance and floating tar slimes can challenge Franks's movement! No more double jump bug and "!It's Coming" has been changed so there's no imperfection in the text. Score is now based off collected platforms and tar slimes shot.

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